Eco Packable Sling Carrier


 A Modern Destination For The Modern Pet Lover

We think everyone deserves to have their pet products match their personal style. And lifestyle. And we think finding your pet items should be easy… and even fun.

Made using water bottles & recycled nylon fabric. It’s the perfect bag, but with less waste. In addition to being eco-friendly, our first ever sling carrier packs up into a small included pouch for easy travel and storage. In this carrier, your tiny dog will feel cozy and right at home.

The Perfect Bag - Minus The Waste.
As a part of our mission to make the world better for pets, we’re introducing our first Sling Carrier Bag made with water bottles and recycled nylon.

Good Design Is Easy To Recognize
Our mission is to enhance everyday life through timeless designs where the function is often just as important as good looks.