Freeze Dried Health Treats for Dogs - Green Tripe Bites


100% freeze-dried NZ Lamb Green Tripe Bites

For gut health and wagging tails!

- Digestion support
- Gut health
- Immunity support

• Made & sourced in New Zealand
• Sustainable free-range farming
• Minimally processed to ensure remnants of natural gut bacteria are present to support a healthy gut

Premium Human Grade Green Tripe Bites

Green Tripe Bites are a fantastic way of rewarding your four legged friend and at the same time it supports a healthy gut and keeps their tails wagging! 

  • Human Grade

    Premium New Zealand Lamb Green Tripe 

  • Traceable & Sustainable

    Lamb Green Tripe Sourced From the Finest Farms In New Zealand

  • Freeze Dried Process

    Freeze dried for maximum nutrition.

  • Delicious & Nutricious

    Treat that will make your dog's tail wag


    100% New Zealand Lamb Green Tripe

    Our bites are made using our unique freeze-drying process that locks in and retains nutrients.

    Freeze Dried New Zealand Lamb Green Tripe

    We only use 100% New Zealand Lamb Green Tripe. Korure Pets' Lamb Green Tripe is minimally processed and freeze-dried to lock in and maximise nutrition. This ensures essential nutrients and a natural balance of bacteria remain to foster heathy gut biomes for your dog. This is a perfect treat for your dog that is both nutritious and delicious!

    Contains NO added gluten, egg, dairy, soy, artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or wheat.