Freeze Dried Health Treats for Cats - NZ Turkey Bites


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NOT JUST A TREAT! Add into your cat's meal for boost of protein and nutrients!

Turkey contains highly digestive protein which is also lean. This is better for elderly cats or cats with sensitive stomach in comparison to other meats.



100% Natural freeze-dried NZ turkey meat cut into small bite sizes. These are nutritious and delicious! A perfect treat for your dog. The turkeys are free-range.

Premium Human Grade. *Intended as a treat, do not replace it for a meal.


Premium Human Grade Turkey Bites

Turkey Bites are a fantastic way of rewarding your four legged friend and at the same time it doesn't upset their stomach like some chicken meat that contains allergens.  It also keeps them purring! 

  • Human Grade

    Premium NZ Turkey.

  • Traceable & Sustainable

    Ethically farmed in New Zealand.

  • Freeze Dried Process

    Freeze-dried for maximum nutrition.

  • Delicious & Nutritious
    Treat that will make your cat purr.

100% New Zealand Turkey

New Zealand Turkey contains lean protein which is highly digestible compared to other meats. Our bite are made using our unique freeze-drying process that sustains all the nutrients.

Freeze Dried NZ Turkey Bites

Turkey Bites contain 100% Freeze-dried Boneless New Zealand Turkey. These turkeys are made using Freeze Drying method in order to maximise the essential nutrients and protein. This is a perfect treat for your cat that is both nutritious and delicious!

Contains NO added gluten, egg, dairy, soy, artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or wheat.

Warning : Do not take if allergic to fish or shellfish