PETKIT Pet Carrier - BREEZY ZONE (Built-in fan and light)



Take Your Pet Out to See the World with PETKIT


  • 【Take Your Pet Out to See the World with PETKIT】: We designed this cat carrier backpack with a generous window so your pet can enjoy the scenery! The tinted window keeps out harsh light, providing a calming place for your pet to travel in comfort.


  • 【Easy and Breezy】: With mesh panels and multiple ventilation holes, plus our clever Coanda Effect ventilation system, your pet will enjoy great air circulation on the go. The quite, built-in fan provides fresh airflow for your precious cat(or small dog) to keep the temperature inside comfortable. If you want the best for your pet, you can’t go wrong with PETKIT!

  • 【Light The Night For Your Pet】: No fumbling for a switch in the dark! A simple double-tap of the controls will gently and gradually illuminate the interior, so it doesn’t startle your resting kitty, allowing your pet to see their surroundings-and allowing you to peek in on your pet.

  • 【Made to Last】: We made our backpack from strong and durable materials, so you don’t need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing, while also ensuring your cat’s complete comfort

  • 【Eye-Catching and Lightweight】: Entire backpack is about 1.4kg, 330x300x450mm (Airline Approved- generally acceptable for use, please do consult your airline before travelling). Suggested for: 0-17lbs pets. The detachable pad allows a pet to wad back and sit inside. The pocket on the side can be used to fill in pet snacks.

- Material: ABS; PC and Fabrics
- Product Weight: 3 lbs/ 1.4 kg
- Product Dimensions: 330*300*450mm