Petkit Four Seasons Pet Bed – Pineapple

$39.00 USD
$33.00 USD

This PETKIT Pineapple Four Seasons Pet Bed,  has a stylish, cute softness, and a comfortable sleeping nest for your fluffy friends. Cats and dogs are sure to love the softness! We attentively select high-quality extra-thick flannel that wraps into a circular nest, then using stiff fabric to shape it into a cute pineapple! The inner pad is removable and is double-sided. One side is adapted with dedicated flannel and filled with PP cotton, which helps your pets keep warm during Autumn and Winter. The other side is linen texture, which makes it cool and breathable for your pets during the hot summer! The bottom of the nest is made out of skid-resistant particles to reduce slipping, and makes adjusting better.

Product Highlights:

  • Fine material: The nest is made of extra-thick flannel and coral fleece which makes it soft, comfortable, and safe to use.
  • Small-medium Size: The nest size is 40cm x 40cm x 25cm, which is suitable for most cats and smaller dogs, such as the Maltese and Chihuahua.
  • Easy to clean: The inner pad is removable, making it easy to take out for cleaning.
  • Suitable for all Seasons: The double-sided cushion with fine suede cotton on one side, and the linen texture on the other side, makes it useful for all four seasons.

Size: 40x40x25cm
Weight: 0.75kg
Materials: Linen, Flannel, PP cotton filling