PIDAN Dog Collar with Metal Buckle S1

$13.00 USD

Durable, secure, adjustable, and stylish

The buckle of our dog collar can withstand 200 kg of pulling force. Not even the strongest dog or human can break it. You feel secure and don't need to worry about your dog breaking loose.

If your dog has a neck size between 25 to 38 cm, then our dog collar is for your dog, thanks to the adjustable ladder lock.

Looks great on the outside and also inside — beautiful patterns on both sides of the collar achieved by weaving high-quality polyester silk. Also, the metal buckle has a superior texture; it looks fabulous as well as reliable.

Product information:

Our dog collar is suitable for dog's with neck size 25-38 cm.

Material: Polyester silk, Zinc alloy

Weight: 55 g

Size: (250 to 380) x 15 mm