PIDAN Blue Balloon Cat Toy


Nothing pleases kitty quite like the Pidan Blue Balloon Cat Toy – keep your cat happy, engaged and physically active with this simple but fascinating toy that sparks cats’ curiosity and brings out their inner hunter.  



  • One-Click Startup initiates play
  • Irregular Rotation Mode mimics prey 
  • Auto-Off within 10 minutes of activation
  • ABS and Cotton for easy cleaning



  • Make sure house cats get enough exercise
  • Redirect pets from furniture and household items
  • Ensure cats’ mental and physical health through play


Interact with your cats in a more meaningful way with the Pidan Blue Balloon Cat Toy.

This adorable toy comes with a pretty blue balloon and teaser that will get your cats up and running.

It lets you initiate play and bond with your cats by helping them hone their hunting instincts. 

The toy runs on AAA batteries and will automatically shut off within 10 minutes of startup.

This helps you save on batteries and lets kitty catch her breath after a short but intense burst of energy. 

The silent motor lets kitty play without it causing a disturbance while the ball’s irregular jerking motions mimic the movement of smaller prey and kick kitty’s predator instincts into high gear.  

Made with quality ABS plastic and cotton, our Pidan Blue Balloon Cat Toy is highly durable and can withstand rough play. 

You and your cat can look forward to many playtime sessions with this cute balloon toy.

The lovely blue colour and pom-pom teaser will easily make this toy your cat’s new favourite. 


Batteries not included