PIDAN Cat Teaser Refill Combination Type

$10.00 USD
Cat Teaser Accessories Kit
  • Toy accessories for all pidan Cat Teaser
  • Tail/silver paper/feather
  • 4 accessories for unlimited fun
  • The materials and design appeal to the hunting nature of cats
  • More combinations for more fun
Natural, white and light goose feather with no chemical dye
Attached with bells to attract your cat
Nylon strips with polyester fur in a streamlined and smart design
The bells attract your cat and keep its spirits up
Silver paper
The shiny new PET materials rustle slightly when moved
This flying and flickering accessory is bound to intrigue your cat
Elastic string
The 40cm elastic string can bear 4kg in weight and stretch to 70cm long
Use together with other accessories to tease your cat and inspire its hunting nature
Due to its material, the length of the elastic string may be greater or less than 40cm resulting from the bending or stretching during production, packaging and bundling. This is normal and will not affect your use of the product.
Cat Teaser AccessoriesKit are consumables. It is normal for your cat to break, tear or bite the toys due to its natural instincts.
You can mimic the moves of mice, bugs, butterflies, birds or other animals to bring more fun to your cat. Remember to also take a rest when playing with your cat.