Pidan Composite Tofu Cat Litter 2.0 - Activated Charcoal Tofu with Bentonite 2.4KG


For even better smell control, introducing Composite Activated Charcoal Cat Litter! A mixture of 70% charcoal tofu cat litter and 30% bentonite cat litter. This eco-friendly and water-soluble mixture produces maximum power for liquid absorbency, odour control, and clumping.

Premium, all natural materials

Made of food-grade soybean curd residue with activated charcoal added. It has superb liquid absorption like a sponge, and it’s lightweight and dust-free. Premium mineral resources from Minerals Technologies USA and STA deodorizing pellets trap unpleasant odours.

Tofu Cat Litter + Bentonite Cat Litter
- 70% charcoal tofu cat litter
- 30% crushed bentonite cat litter
No more unpleasant smells

Three different odour eliminators to remove unpleasant smells more thoroughly. The tofu cat litter pellets with activated charcoal have tens of millions of micropores that absorb the offensive odour. The STA deodorizing pellets thoroughly lock in the unpleasant odours. Together, they purify the air — leaving only the natural smell of tofu.

Super convenient! Flushable down the toilet
- It dissolves in water, so you can scoop out the clump and flush it down the toilet (if in accordance with your local health and sewage guidelines).

Impressive liquid absorption
- Absorbs liquid like a sponge before It reaches the bottom of the litter box. 10 grams of activated charcoal tofu cat litter absorbs 50 grams of liquid.

Superb clumping ability
- Small bentonite pellets fill up the gaps between the tofu pellets to make an even firmer clump.

- One bag lasts 3 to 4 weeks for most single-cat households.

Please note:
Vacuum packaging is just for the convenience of transportation. Packaging that has lost its vacuum will not affect the product quality and is safe to use.
Sometimes pellets may break into smaller pieces in transit due to routine handling.
To prevent clogging, please don’t flush an excess amount of tofu cat litter in a single flush.
To let your cat have a cleaner experience, we recommend scooping out the litter clumps every day.
Please regularly change the cat litter and wash the litter box to keep the indoor environment clean and tidy.