PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter 2.4KG - Easy to Use, Flushable, and Highly Absorbent

$12.00 USD

PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter, a blend of 70% 2.0mm and 30% 1.5mm tofu litter. Convenient, flushable, and designed for a cleaner toileting experience for your cat.

Introducing PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter, our top-quality blend of 70% 2.0mm and 30% 1.5mm tofu litter. Experience the convenience and superior performance that makes this cat litter a favorite among pet owners.

Easy to use and flushable, PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter dissolves in water, allowing you to simply scoop out clumps and flush them down the toilet. Say goodbye to messy litter disposal!

Please note that during transit, packaging may lose vacuum due to road bumps and parcel collisions. However, this does not affect the function of the cat litter. Rest assured, you can use it with confidence.

To prevent clogging, avoid flushing excessive amounts of cat litter at once. We recommend spreading the litter evenly in the litter box, maintaining a thickness of 3-5 cm, and scooping out clumps daily. This ensures a cleaner and more pleasant toileting experience for your cat.

Slight color differences between batches of cat litter are normal and do not impact the product's effectiveness.


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