Wild One Dog Toy - Triangle Tug



A Toy for 2

Great for engaging in a game of tug or for multi-dog fun.

High Pull Tolerance

Super strong for tug-of-war pros.

2x The Fun

Dual textured to keep pups engaged.

The Triangle Tug boasts two shapes, two textures, and is perfect for tug-of-war. If you’re in a multi-dog household or if you’re at the other end of your pups tug-match, the Triangle Tug is built for you. The triangle is 100% natural rubber with a reinforced core for added strength. The rope is 100% natural cotton with a 7x looped seam and reinforced stitching throughout. BPA-free and tested to meet food-safe standards.

Triangle: 100% Natural Rubber
Rope: 100% Natural Cotton
BPA and Phthalate Free


Item in packaging
Length: 17 cm
Width : 6.8 cm
Height : 6.8 cm
Weight : 0.34 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 6.8 cm
Width : 6.8 cm
Height : 6.8 cm
Weight : 0.33 kg


Never leave your dog unattended during play. Discard toy if disassembled.

Hand-Wash Rope and Triangle




Teething puppy loves it!!
My puppy (standard schnauzer), Is seriously teething. We call her Jaws. A lot of toys have not passed the test but this one she loves! She goes back and forth between the rope and triangle

Gifts for my furry friends!
I gave these out to four of my furry friends for Christmas and they all loved it! I will be shopping this site again. Fast service and great price!
Tammy G.

triangle tg
Fun tug of war toy for the outside. We have tough chewer who can pull the strings out of the rope but the bigger dogs don't
Cherie T.