Dog Toothbrush Toy -Play & Brush!


For gut health and wagging tails!

• 100% natural ingredients

• Non-toxic and eco-friendly

• Strong and durable to withstand intense biting and chewing


Are you tired of brushing your dog's teeth?

Are you constantly fighting your dog to brush its teeth?

Try our new toothbrush toy for dogs. Designed to make brushing teeth fun! 

Your dog will love you for it!

Making Tooth Brushing Fun!

Reinventing dog toothbrush. Say goodbye to struggles of brushing your dog's teeth. The new, fun and easy way of brushing your dog's teeth is here now.


100% Natural Rubber
Made from Hevea Brasilensis tree.

Play & Brush
Making toothbrush fun.

Safe and Harmless
No chemicals and nasties.

Granular Cleaner
Double sided for thorough clean.


Brushing Teeth is Important

As you know, human beings need to clean teeth everyday to protect our teeth from bacteria.

Just like us, dogs are omnivores, they are prone to getting dental diseases which can cause malodorous breath, teeth exfoliated which can result in poor quality of life. So dogs need to clean their teeth more than we do.


Contains NO chemicals and nasties.