PRE-ORDER PIDAN 'Water Secret' Pet Feeding Bowl - Small


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The PIDAN "Water Secret" Pet Feeding Bowl is a smart solution for insulating your pet's meals. The double bowl design uses hot or cold water to heat or cool your pet's food. The bottom bowl is filled with warm or cold water, which thermally heats or cools the food in the top bowl. This modern and stylish design will make your pet feel special while they eat. You can offer them warm meals on a cold winter day or fresh, chilled water after a big run outdoors. By using only water, all the nutrients in the food are preserved. The 304 stainless steel bowl is detachable from the base for easy cleaning. The base also features anti-slip grips, which prevent the bowl from moving and protect your floor from scratches.

  • Use hot or cold water to change the food temperature for your pet.
  • Convenient and easy to clean, the bowl is made with 304 stainless steel.
  • Note: Do not heat in the microwave

Dimensions: 18.6 × 16.3 × 8.2 cm