PETKIT Air Fly Dog Harness


Unibody Fabric
PETKIT Harness Air is integrally weaved by polyester yarns, featuring a high intensity and air permeability.

Lightweight and sport-oriented.

Triangle Structure, Shock Absorption
The shock-absorbing areas at the back and abdomen allow to effectively reduce and release the pressure when running out abruptly.


  • Air Mesh Front keeps pets cool and comfortable
  • Elastic Yarn Weaving for more elasticity and better fit
  • 3D Integrated Weaving is water-resistant and breathable
  • Air Pro Chest Cushion reduces impact when pulling


  • Prevent pets from escaping while out on walks
  • Protect pets from impact with cushioned harness
  • Machine washable material for easy cleaning 

Walk your dog in style with the PETKIT Air Fly Dog Harness. It looks sleek and modern, but this harness goes the extra mile by providing an added layer of protection.

Reduce pets’ risk of injury with the cushion sponge belt, which relieves the pressure of a scattered explosion.

The durable, wear-resistant weave prevents pets from breaking the harness and running away.

Despite the protection it offers, this harness is lightweight and moulds itself to your pet’s torso.

Made with light foam and cationic dyeable polyester (CDP), our PETKIT Air Fly Dog Harness is gentle on your dog’s fur and skin.

The mesh front offers ventilation and prevents bacteria from building up. 

Available in several sizes, this harness is suitable for dogs of all ages.

The elastic weave can stretch to accommodate their growing bodies.

And when it’s finally time to go up a size, you will find a great fit for your pet in our inventory.  

Chest Girth (cm) 40-45
Neck Girth (cm) 35-40

Chest Girth (cm) 45-52
Neck Girth (cm) 40-46

Chest Girth (cm) 52-58
Neck Girth (cm) 46-50

Chest Girth (cm) 58-66
Neck Girth (cm) 52-58

Materials: 80% Polyester, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex