PIDAN Extended Cat Teaser Cat Wand - Gary


This is one of our most popular wands and we recommend it for being so versatile and comfortable to use.

We also appreciate how elegant and modern it looks.

This rubber-like wand bends and bounces, creating unpredictable movements to entice your cat to play while the feathers flutter to capture your cat’s attention.

It's extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. 

Your cat can bat and claw at the feathers and satisfy their innate instincts to hunt and chase prey.  

Elegant Stick & Comfortable Handle. The handle is processed with a soft rubber coating to offer a comfortable hand feeling.

 The feather top is replaceable and can be switched with other Pidan accessories, for versatile and exciting play.

The entertainment possibilities are endless!! 


The natural goose feathers are water-dyed with no chemicals, making them very safe for your cat to play with.