PIDAN Cat Scratcher - Stacking Monster


Made from high quality, non-chipping, non-messy hard cardboard with intricate, sharp linings to let your cat scratch to her satisfaction. These lightweight and funky scratching posts for cats will make your kitty’s favourite place to be. The tunnel-like legs and round-shaped monster mouth are ideal shapes to make a fun play area for cats or their kittens. Stackable and space-saving, these two monsters are super-functional and sure to catch the attention of visitors.

  • 2 monsters accompany the cat to grind its claws and rest in every corner of the house
  • Provides 2 times the claw grinding area, consumes the cat’s energy, and protects the furniture
  • Place as you wish, endless creativity
  • Provide 2 ways to play
  • Packing size: 420× 250 x 506mm
  • Net weight: 2.8kg
  • Material: corrugated paper