PIDAN Full Body Cleaning Glove Wipes 6pcs


"All-in-one full body cleaning set for cats."

No more need for that smelling hydrogen peroxide-filled cotton pad! PIDAN Full Body Cleaning Glove Wipes for Cats 6pcs are the perfect solution for your housecat. Made using only pure water, these wipes are engineered with gentle cleansers to remove dirt and grime from your cat's nose, mouth, ears, eyes. 

Furthermore, they come in a pack of 6 so not only can you give them their daily wash but you can also maintain the hygiene of other pets in the household as well! 

Watch your furry friend look forward to cleaning time rather than dread it; how endearing is that?


Benefits & Features:

  • No alcohol and flavour.
  • Used to clean cats' ears, nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Reverse Osmosis pure water used. 
  • Do not stimulate the sense of smell.
  • Soft and comfortable cleaning materials.
  • Lower odour.
  • Gentle touch and skin-friendly.



Non-woven Fabric, RO Pure Water


Direction for Use:

  • Remove from packaging and use to clean your furry pets.
  • Keep away from children.


Product Size:

Glove wipes/: 265x250mm 265x250mm