PIDAN Island Cat Scratching Tree

$219.90 NZD
Introducing the PIDAN Island Cat Scratching Tree, the perfect platform for your feline friends to unleash their instinctive desire to leap, stalk, hunt, and tussle. This feature-packed cat tree provides a great outlet for your cats to receive exercise and relieve stress.

Benefits and Features:

Comes with four dangling balls to stimulate cat hunting instincts.
Polyester-covered padded boards for added comfort.
Provides a great outlet for your cat to receive exercise and relieve stress.
Perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, perch, hide, and rest.
Scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope, which provides a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts.
Tent for resting and hiding.
Made of MDF, Polyester Fiber, PVC, and Aluminum Alloy, this cat tree is durable and long-lasting. With a size of 800x620x620mm, it is the perfect size for your feline friend.