Pidan Pet Deshedding Tool For Short Hair Pets

$32.90 NZD

 The button colour has been changed to green 

Introducing our deep de-shedding tool, designed to easily remove hair from your pet's coat. The tool features a simple push and tear design, making it easy to clean. Simply press the button and wiggle the comb or manually tear off to remove hair from the comb teeth.

The metal comb teeth are 1 mm apart and reach deep to the root of the coat, increasing efficiency. The round and smooth comb teeth are designed to protect your pet's skin and prevent scratches.

The tool also features five direction settings, each suitable for different de-shedding needs and can be comfortably used by both left and right-handed individuals. Make sure to select the correct option before adding to your basket. The handle and comb form a 120° angle, allowing for easy and natural holding and the handle is soft and comfortable, reducing fatigue.

This de-shedding tool is a good helper in hair combing with one-key operation for hair cleaning and five adjustable directions. The TPE handle is soft and gentle, and the electroplated stainless teeth can be rinsed.

Please follow safety guidelines when using the tool: make sure there is no matted hair before using, take your pet to the animal hospital if there is matted hair or hair loss, use the tool when the coat is dry, don't pull forcefully to prevent injury, avoid foreign objects getting into the movable joints, clean it immediately after use, and keep it in a safe place after use.

Size: 179×102×54mm