PRE ORDER - PIDAN 3-in-1 Mixed Cat Litter 5.2kg - LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY


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Introducing our new physical store exclusive Tofu Cat Litter! This litter is made up of 40% Tofu Cat Litter, 35% Bentonite Cat Litter, and 25% Activated Carbon Tofu Cat Litter, which has been crafted to provide optimal performance for your cat's needs. Please note, this product is only available in physical stores and should not be sold online.

To prevent clogging, do not flush excessive cat litter down the toilet at one time. We recommend spreading the cat litter flat in the litter box with a thickness of 3-5 cm and scooping out the clumps every day to ensure a cleaner toileting experience for your cat. The color of different batches of cat litter may vary slightly, but this is normal. Please use our Tofu Cat Litter with confidence.

This product is suitable for cats of all stages, and the product weight is 5.2 kg.