PRE ORDER - PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter 2.4KG


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70% 2.0mm Tofu Litter + 30% 1.5mm Tofu Litter

Attention, Please!

  1. It is impossible to avoid road bumps and parcel collisions during transit, causing the packaging to lose vacuum. Don't worry because the packaging vacuum is to remove dust, facilitate packing, and make stocking up more convenient. And it has no effects on cat litter's function. So please use it with confidence.
  2. To prevent clogging, do not flush excessive cat litter down the toilet at one time.
  3. We recommend spreading the cat litter flat in the litter box with a thickness of 3-5 cm; scooping out the cat litter clumps every day for cats to have a cleaner toileting experience.
  4. Regarding colour difference: The colour of different cat litter batches may be slightly different, normal. Please use it with confidence.