Pidan Little Snow Monster Electronic Cat Toy

¥69.00 CNY

Introducing the Little Snow Monster cat toy - an alluring and unpredictable playtime companion for your feline friend. Its erratic movements will unleash your cat's natural hunting instincts as it automatically navigates around obstacles and flips itself right-side-up when knocked over.

The little snow monster is an invisible magical creature that only can be seen after a significant snowfall when snow covers its tiny body. Little snow monsters are extremely shy. They will quickly hide in a corner when they see other living creatures. 

Please note:

  1. A battery is included but please do not use in high-temperature environments.
  2. The battery is replaceable, please use LR44 or equivalent.
  3. Do not rinse or wash with water. Toy is not edible.

Product Information:

  • Size: 44.5 x 16.2 x 21.7 mm
  • Weight: 8.5g
  • Material: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) and PC (Polycarbonates)"