Petkit AIRSALON MAX-The Coziest & Safest Pet Dryer

¥3,240.00 CNY

- Mess-free Drying Experience say goodbye to the exhausting traditional pet drying  

- No More Traumatized Pets smooth breeze with 42dB low noise

- Multi-pets Friendly 60L larger & broader cabin space

- Breathe Freely sufficient fresh air circulation with 3 sided ventilation

- 100% Safe Drying Experience 8 precise safety protection components; over 40℃ auto shut down; fluctuation value is no more than +/-0.3 ℃

- Fast & All-round Drying 360° powerful airflow system delivers effective drying result

- Fluffy & Shiny Hair negative ions offer a super smooth look for your pets

- Smart Control via APP Connection 6 levels of fan speed; 36℃-40℃ temperature range


- Material: ABS; Tempered Glass
- Product Dimensions: 19.7*18.6*17.6in(500*473*447 mm)
- Capacity: 2.12cu ft(60L)
- Net Weight: 21.4lbs(9.7 kg)
- Applicable for: Cats and small breed dogs older than 6 month
- Wireless connection: Bluetooth
- Rated power 900W



The AIRSALON MAX is more efficient, effective, safer, and can cover any hard-to-reach area. Your pets can enjoy the stress-free drying that traditional hair dryers can never achieve.


Absolutely! AIRSALON MAX equipped with 4 sets of thermal sensors and PTC protection system, it will be automatically switched off once the temperature is detected over 40℃ inside, and also designed with 3 air outlets to provide fresh air.

Yes! AIRSALON MAX has a quiet fan and highly optimized air duct design, which delivers a smooth breeze without an unpleasant on-off gush. The operating noise will not exceed a normal conversation noise.

We recommend that the maximum weight should not exceed 15kg/33lbs. If you have more than one pet, the total pets weight should be lower than this figure.

The rated power of AIRSALON MAX is 990 watts, and it is available in both 110 volts and 220 volts.