PRE-ORDER PETKIT AIRSALON MAX-The Coziest & Safest Pet Dryer


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Compared to the heavy and clumsy traditional pet drying box, AIRSALON MAX provides a more breathable, efficient, effective, safer and cozier drying experience for your pets. Whether it's a kitten or a puppy, there's always tension after a bath - AIRSALON MAX is your best bet to relieve your pet's stress and let them enjoy the gentle breeze. It is more than just an automatic pet drying cabin.


60L Large & Broader Cabin Space

AIRSALON MAX cares about not only large cats, but also families with multiple pets - The 60L cuboid cabin provides ample space and enough fresh air, allowing you to handle two pets drying at the same time.

A broader cabin bed provides a spacious footprint for your pets, making it easy to move around or more comfortably lie down


Wind Delivered Gradually For Better Adaptation

AIRSALON Max delivers a smooth breeze without an unpleasant on-off gush which reduces anxiety from your pets. The rounded corners and wave-shaped outlet base diffuse the airflow and make it more gentle.  Considerate details are designed only for their sensitivity


Linear Lights Brighten In A Gentle Way  

Linear lights are less glaring. They will gradually brighten and dim to induce relaxation and soothe pets’ minds… 


Petting Door Allows Interaction & Eliminates Anxiety 

There is also a petting door from which you can interact with and comfort your pets anytime.


Breathe Freely—More than Three-sided Ventilation

AIRSALON Max is not a locking box with a heater, it is a private salon space filled with sufficient and continuous fresh air circulation. The unique design with extra exhaust vents on the top (effectively discharge the hot and humid air) is essential for a stable air-balance system


Minimize Operating Noise

*based on laboratory data



8 Precise Safety Protection Components

 With 4 sets of thermal sensors PTC protection system, AIRSALON MAX xSecure system accurately controls the temperature  to ensure a steady and constant temperature. It will be automatically switched off once the temperature is detected over 40℃ inside. 


Highly Accurate Temperature Control

With the accurate temperature control system, we tried to minimize the error parameter by repeating tests so that the drying temperature is consistent with the preset temperature. You will see the fluctuation value is no more than +/-0.3 ℃ based on the laboratory data.


No More Low Temperature Burns

& Hot Spots


Do you know that only reasonable thermal sensors configuration can achieve precise temperature detection? AIRSALON MAX has 4 sets of thermal sensors with an additional thermal sensor towards the bottom panel, targeting the temperature from the supply vents to avoid low temperature burns and hotspots. 

It is crucially important to place one thermal sensor at the bottom (surface of contact)  for real-time detection and in-time reaction  because our pets can get serious burning without any warning of sharp pain.


360°Airflow for Rapid & All-round Drying

AIRSALON MAX has a 360° surround airflow system, delivering strong while smooth wind from every side of the cabin to effectively dry your pets. 


Powerful Machinery, Better Performance

With a premium quality quiet fan and highly optimized air duct design, the AIRSALON MAX achieved superb drying smoothness and excellent airflow stability. Strive for a perfect balance between high wind speed and low noise.


Cover Any Hard-to-Reach Area

The wavy panel is designed to spare more surface for air contact. Drying can easily cover those hard-to-reach areas like belly, thighs, and paws. when your pets lie down on the panel,


AIRSALON MAX gives lots of  consideration to the pet's hair. Negative ions flowing in with the wind cuts down on any frizz and flyaways, offering a super-smooth look for your furry friends. 


Plus, silver ion is known for its antimicrobial properties. It is filled in the bottom panel to provide your pets with a healthy and safe environment.


Connect with PetKit App which allows you to monitor your pet's drying process. Not satisfied with the three preset modes? You can customize your own mode at any time through the APP. We provide multiple highly customizable drying settings: 6 levels of fan speed, 36℃-40℃ temperature range and fully controllable drying duration.  

Quick drying or Quite drying?  You don't have to compromise speed to noise, we got your back!  They are all under your command. Moreover, temperature setting can be accurate to 0.1 ℃. We are committed to providing the best and coziest drying experience for your pets.



Shedding everywhere after drying used to be a disaster. On top of everything you and your pets just went through, the messiness is left for you to clean. 

AIRSALON MAX made cleaning so much easier! It only takes about 2 minutes to clean...


AIRSALON MAX is not just an electronic appliance, it is your plus one luxury with its modern and aesthetic design, blending into your sweet home. You don't want to just leave it in the storage room ...